This is How "I Robot" Started

If I owed you an apology last time for my sporadic blogging, I’m not sure what I need to give you this time—maybe a cookie bouquet or something.

Instead, you’re about to get the weakest of all blog posts, save for maybe the photograph with the funny caption (like I would ever do that; please just don’t scroll).

No, I’m talking about something I’ve copied and pasted from somewhere else. In this case, it’s an email exchange I had with the fine folks running the Indiana Toll Road after Jenny and I returned from visiting my parents this past weekend.

My email

To whom it may concern:

I got off the toll road at exit 77 about an hour ago and was overcharged by $7.25. I got on at Angola, so my toll should have been $3.50; however, the self-pay mechanism rang my Jeep Grand Cherokee up as a four-axle vehicle, charging me $10.75. I would have asked someone for help, but as you’ve replaced all the people with machines and I had already waited 10-15 minutes to make my way through about a 5-car line, that wasn’t really an option. Ironically, had a person been there, it never would have gotten to this, since he or she would have clearly seen I wasn’t driving a semi.

I have no documentation of this, of course, but I was too frustrated not to send this email.

Their response

For future reference, please press the Press for Help/Assistance button on the machine to have corrections made to your toll amount, before you pay; our agents in the Radio/Control Center are available 24/7 and may correct incorrect charges as long as they are alerted before a payment is made to the machine. When you press the button, please refrain from pressing it multiple times as this works like a phone (calls are answered in the order received), and each time you press the button it’s like hanging up and calling back (you are put in the back of the “line” for the order of calls received).

Please call our Customer Care Center, during normal business hours, to submit a claim for your refund.

Thank you.

Setting aside that this person apparently hasn’t connected the crack “Press for Help/Assistance” system with the fact that Jenny and I became eligible to start collecting Social Security while waiting in this line, here’s my question to you:

What’s the over/under on how long it would take me to get our $7.25 back?


  1. Anonymous

    Kiss that $7.25 goodbye. Their check will probably arrive on the same day you get your first social security check (if there is still such a thing in 2045). Mom

  2. Evelyn

    I'm with Mom, with a slight modification: you'll see your first social security check before you get the toll refund.

  3. Ted

    Loving the profile pic, Joey. Go Sox.Speaking of, some guy from the White Sox called me yesterday to ask if I was interested in a group package sometime this season. I told him we only went last season to see the Red Sox. So I guess in a way, that's Go Cubs, too.

  4. RRager

    I know this is off the topic, butI just finished watching Survivorand had a flashback to Ted'sprediction of Cirie as the eventualwinner. Hope that NCAA pool doesbetter.

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