You’re Close, Patrick

Dining room office reader Patrick has suggested that my fair wife and I are currently sitting in the aforementioned dining room office mourning Marquette’s and Notre Dame’s losses in the NCAA tournament.

Patrick, you’re on the right track.

We’re in a bar celebrating my sister-in-law Kate’s birthday and watching all the games. And even though the Irish screwed me and, by blogging from this location, I now have a frightening amount in common with that kid I once saw doing calculus homework in the stands at Notre Dame Stadium, I’m smiling.

Why? Because the mighty Gaels of Saint Mary’s have me back in first in my family pool, at least for now.

March, she’s good.


  1. Bob Huggins

    I am glad you have chosen my team as your pool champion. In my pregame speech to the team I remind them that our trip through the tourney is similar to your journey from a small town in Michigan to the halls of the Golden Dome. I wear this suit in your honor.

  2. Ted

    Wow, first Elephant and now Huggy Bear? This blog is really blowing up. And Bob, this is actually preferable to that classy black jumpsuit you wear all the time now.

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