Warning: This Post Rated M for Mature

Whenever I walk through an airport, I invariably ask myself the same question:

Who’s buying the porn at the newsstands?

You all know I’m no holy roller; in fact, I love telling the story of the first time I bought a Playboy and the cougar ringing me up told me to “Have fun.”

Ahh, memories.

But looking at porn on a plane? That’s ballsy, and I hope not literally.

And it would be bad enough if they were just selling Playboy. Hustler, however, is a whole different ball game.

“Let’s see … got my Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated. Nah. You know, what I’m really in the mood for is to see some naked chicks peeing.”

Just keep your hands where I can see them, pal.

On second thought, don’t.


  1. Anonymous

    The "first" time you bought a Playboy?? Hmm …Seeing that is the first post of your trip and you haven't even reached Vegas, i can't wait to see what else is in store. :)-Molly

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