We’re Not in Indiana Anymore

When Jenny and I are out and about closer to home, we enjoy playing this game where I ask her to identify whether the “designer” purse a woman is carrying is real or a knockoff.

It’s like being with my dad as he gives an old car the once-over. They’re spotting stuff I don’t even see and saying things along the lines of “You see that Z? On a real one, it would be a Y.” It’s fascinating.

On the Strip in Vegas, however, stores such as Chanel, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton are more common than Walgreen’s. As a result, the vast majority of the designer bags are real, taking some of the excitement out of our favorite pasttime.

I was a little bummed about this until last night, when we discovered what may be an even more entertaining pursuit:

Real-live call girl or plain-old skank?

The two main flaws one is looking for here are similar to the two giveaways in purse-spotting: wrinkly skin/fake leather and cheap accessories/bad hardware.

The only problem? We still don’t know what goes with who.

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