A D-O Mailbag

Because logging into the blog to respond to your comments is a little dicey on the iPhone, I wanted to devote this post to thanking all of you who have been following along with our Vegas vacation.

Speaking of, National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation was on TBS last night at like 4 AM Eastern. I watched part of it in our bathroom mirror. Talk about existential.

Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing about others’ travel habits, and Katherine, I was counting on you to clear up that whole tipping thing given your time at the 4 Seasons. Obviously, you didn’t disappoint. Who said you can’t learn anything in the D-O?

As for Conan, that picture was indeed taken just a few scant hours before Jenny and I saw him perform live.

Like you’d expect, he brought it more than the cheerleaders in Bring it On. And you’ll be happy to know Triumph, a certain bear whose name I’m censoring to keep this family-friendly, and the Walker, Texas Ranger lever were all present and accounted for. You really haven’t lived until you’ve watched a clip of Chuck Norris catching a guy in a bear trap as part of an audience being egged on by Conan himself.

Mike Tyson even stopped by to pull the lever, prompting me to ponder how I had come to be cheering him like a war hero. It was cool even as it was bizarre. And therein lies the genius of Conan.

Well, I should get back to doing nothing. Expect a postcard from Sin City later today.

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