"Paging Passenger Oblivious"

So I’m sitting at the gate at the airport waiting for our 10:35 departure. While Jenny goes to look for a magazine for the flight home, I decide to finish the book I’ve been reading.

No sooner do I start than a woman carrying on a loud cell phone conversation decides to sit down on a seat about three inches behind me. You can instantly tell she’s one of those people who conducts conversations in public like she’s in private because why wouldn’t everyone else want to know what she’s talking about?

I have no attention span when I’m reading and people are talking around me, so I’m kind of stuck listening to the most acronym-laden monologue I’ve heard in quite a while–something about how someone wasn’t right for AC so he was made the DIT guy, which was weird because it had always been her understanding that DIT wasn’t that important, but she guesses she was wrong.

This goes on until she tells her unseen friend “You know, I don’t even know if I have the right gate.” She gets up and goes to check. Lo and behold, she doesn’t. She comes back to get her bag and takes off jogging toward her new destination, leaving just as abruptly as she arrived.

That was a special five minutes.


  1. Evelyn

    Be glad it wasn't more than 5 minutes. With my luck, she'd end up sitting next to me on the plane, trying to strike up a conversation about AC and the DIT guy, and on and on. And I, too, am waiting to find out what magazine Jenny ended up with.

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