This Just In …

Apparently I had never set up my Facebook relationship profile to show that Jenny and I are married. This is no reflection on our relationship but rather on my limited knowledge about and inherent distrust of this great social media monster, where I will ironically stick a link to this post in about five minutes.

When I finally went to fix my status tonight, I was told that I’d have to wait for Jenny to confirm we had indeed tied the knot before the update could be displayed for all the world (or my approximately 40 friends) to see.

About 45 minutes ago, the official word came down: We’re in a relationship. 11 months later, and now it really is legit. Thanks, Facebook.

And by the way, I’m more than a little disturbed that checking the “I’m married” button doesn’t automatically disable the “I’m looking to date someone” field. That’s some in-your-face sleaziness right there.

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