Am I Hungover?

My dad and I are watching TV. We just saw a commercial for some high-tech cat litter. It’s supposed to cover odors like no other. To prove this, they had two “scientists” hand several “regular people” beakers full of this stuff soaked in cat urine. As they willingly stick their noses right over said beakers and inhale, the regular people say things like “Nope, can’t smell the urine–how about that?”

They’re not the only ones who are surprised, although I suspect my disbelief has more to do with seeing people enthusiastically sniff cat urine than discovering this technological marvel.


  1. Megan

    What bothers me about that commercial is that I'm pretty sure they specify that the people they're getting to smell the beakers full of cat pee are cat owners themselves. There's some inherent bias…because cat owners can't smell cat pee. I'm convinced. Kinda like how the smelly kid in class has no idea that he's smelly. The cat owners are used to the smell of cat pee.

  2. Ted

    This is a good point. No one who could smell it would still invite those walking allergy attacks into their homes. I'm getting stuffy just thinking about it.

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