Something’s Rattling in the Trunk

Jenny and I recently bought a car. It’s equipped with what have become standard safety features, such as airbags and antilock brakes, as well as the Knight-Riderish capability of being able to call 911 for you if you get into an accident.

Sidebar: Does anyone else feel awkward when listening to radio commercials for OnStar? Those conversations seem like they should remain private.

Safety comes first even in the trunk, where we discovered this:

Judging by the fist-pumping action of the dude in the drawing, you pull this tab if you’ve been abducted by a mob henchman, and he’s made the classic error of locking you in the trunk before rubbing you out.

Unfortunately, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to appreciate the irony of having made the preceding, smart-ass statement if I’m ever in a position to need this functionality.

One comment

  1. Chris

    When I first saw the emergency tag, I had to laugh. For what ever reason, it brought to mind the scene from The Hangover where the guy jumps out of the trunk. Except the picture doesn't indicate if he has a tire iron in his hand or not.Or if he is running around naked (which might be a good thing).

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