Really Funny Blog Post

Dispatches from the dining room office have admittedly been few and far between this month, and I’m on my way out the door for the weekend now (what up, Palatine, Ill.), so this isn’t an ideal time to rectify the situation.

But just by writing that preceding paragraph, I now have the makings of a short blog post. And adding these two sentences have made it just long enough that when the page first loaded, you may have thought I was setting you up for a clever little anecdote. Instead, I was just squeezing water from a rock, writing 100 words about absolutely nothing.

Then again, you’ve probably come to expect an additional 500–700 words about absolutely nothing, so I’ve really just saved you an extra two to three minutes. Mazel tov.

Yes, I know that means “good luck” because I just looked it up. It just felt right, you know?

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