Take Heart, Chicago

As most of you probably know by now, LeBron announced last night that he’s signing with the Miami Heat and joining forces with this summer’s other two big NBA free agents, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, to form something of a super team on South Beach.

I had been pulling for King James to stay in Cleveland or, if he decided to leave, to go to Chicago, so I’m bummed for the fans in those cities. Especially Cleveland, though, as the Cavs owner appears to have morphed into a 9th grade girl.

And actually, Chicago fans do have something to celebrate today. See, by teaming up with Wade and Bosh, LeBron basically slammed the window shut on Michael Jordan –2.0, otherwise known as Kobe Bryant, winning another title.

“Well, he’s already got five,” you say, “so what’s the big deal if he doesn’t win another one?”

True, he does have five—a great resume by any standard. But MJ finished with six (and, unlike Kobe, didn’t win his first three with the most physically dominant big man since Wilt).

And as long as those of us Jordan fans have to entertain this ridiculous debate about who’s better, Air or … uh … do I really have to call him this? … the Black Mamba, we now don’t have to worry about Kobe winning seven or eight titles and having to remind everyone several were wind-aided in the person of Shaq.

Speaking of, I do suppose next summer, Kobe could get teamed up with another great player, and working together … sorry, I couldn’t even get the full sentence out with a straight face.

So Bulls fans, today is a good day. The number Kobe wears may be one higher than Jordan’s. But the rings are staying one less.


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