’80s TV Strikes Again

Have you ever been sitting around, flipping through channels looking for something to watch while you eat lunch, and the grip of nostalgia pulls you toward a sitcom from your youth?

This just happened to me with an episode of Who’s the Boss? The story revolved around Tony’s relationship with a childhood nemesis who, lo and behold, became a priest. They’re friendly for a while, until they start taunting each other and the man of the cloth (played by one of the actors from Murphy Brown, I think) decks Sa-man-tah’s dad. The priest dramatically places his collar on the stove and goes AWOL, leaving Tony and Angela to fill in for him at the parish’s spaghetti dinner for seniors. Fortunately, this is right up Tony’s alley because he is stereotypically Italian. In the end, however, Father Callahan shows up, everyone convinces him he’s really an OK dude, and he resumes his post as head pasta slinger.
Some things really do get better with age. Who’s the Boss? clearly isn’t one of them.
It went so far as to get uncomfortable at one point. Angela is trying to reassure Tony that it’s not his fault the priest is questioning his vows, and, feeling better, he starts to run through a list of other things that weren’t his fault. One of them:
“Candy Spinoza getting pregnant in high school … well, that probably wasn’t my fault.”
Things just got a little too real in the Bower kitchen. But then again, if I had impregnated my high school girlfriend and left her high and dry, I’d think it was hilarious, too.
Perhaps not as hilarious, however, as the concept of high school me actually having a girlfriend.
Talk about things getting a little too real.

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