Analytics This

The Dining Room Office has taken a major technological leap in recent weeks, with highly produced videos of my hand writing a fake letter to a TV show and a slow zoom in on a map of the United States. But don’t let this glitz and glamor fool you: I’m still more Betamax than Blu-ray.

Case in point: I’ve been trying to fix my Google Analyticswhich allow me to see how many people visit the blog (those days when I can’t count on two hands are truly magical) and where they’re coming from—ever since I changed to this classy bookshelf look. I think I finally got it right yesterday.


So basically, I’m just writing this post so you’ll see there’s something new here and visit the site, which will let me test my theory, kind of like in Back to the Future when 1955 Doc got to see if the flux capacitor really would make time travel possible after 1985 Marty showed up at his door.

If anyone asks, we’re just doing a weather experiment.

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