What is it You’d Say You Do Here?

In the highway construction vernacular, the term “work zone” is an interesting one.

To me, it would seem to imply that people are currently working or that there’s at least the possibility of them doing work at some point in the foreseeable future—you know, before the iPhone 4 goes the way of Zack Morris’ satellite cell phone or the Clippers win the NBA title.

This work is presumably the reason those digital reader boards repeatedly admonish us not to travel more than 45 miles per hour, making a five-mile stretch drag on and on and … hey, I think I see the—nope, just a lane shift … on.

However, years of driving experience have led me to believe “work zone” actually means: “We did this just because we could; we hope your car overheats and/or runs out of gas. It pleases us.”

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