Keepin’ it Real, Ficus Style

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you may remember that early in the summer, I pined away for a pharmaceutical marvel that would counter my disdain for yardwork. And even if you aren’t a member of the hallowed D.R.O.P. listyou can probably guess that for a 31-year-old guy, tending the lawn ranks just below being forced to watch a Say Yes to the Dress marathon while the ’96 Bulls have somehow materialized on your driveway and asked you to run the point for their imminent beatdown of the present-day Lakers.

However, should I ever have the need to populate my yard with additional vegetation, I think I’ll go to a place like this:
How real is that? It’s not the “Best selection of plants you’ve ever seen in your entire life” or even a “Pretty good selection of plants.”
It’s just nice.
And if we’re being honest, do we really need a word stronger than that to describe some plants?


  1. Evelyn

    It reminds me of a florist in Chicago. The sign in the window said "nice roses". Needless to say, I never ventured in to find out. But certainly I want something nicer than "nice", right?

  2. Ted Fox

    I really don't think I could ever describe plants as, say, "spectacular" or "breathtaking." I think "nice" is about as fired up as I can get. Of course, they've could've just put "roses," and then everyone would win. Modifiers are a tricky breed.

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