Thwarted by YouTube (For Now)

Well, I had grand plans to unveil the next installment in the Dining Room Office video library this morning, but it appears the gerbils running in the wheel that powers YouTube stepped out for a Virginia Slim.

That’s a fun image.

Anyway, I’ll try again later today, and believe me, this video will be worth the wait; think sci-fi meets Jack Handey meets eighth-grade civics taught by a teacher who’s done his fair share of shrooms.

Until then, allow me to raise the following dilemma for open debate:

Someone offers you a million dollars if you can spend 24 hours locked in a 10×10 room with either McDonald’s Grimus or the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Whom do you choose? (And no, you won’t have access to a blunt instrument to bludgeon them to death.)


  1. Evelyn

    @ Joey: too far.I choose the Swedish Chef. He IS a real Chef, right? So at least he can cook up something good for me while I while away the 24 hours.

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