Introducing D-O-ipedia

Last Thursday’s post, “Wiki-Wiki What,” has inspired me to try something new here in the dining room office.

Yes, I just said I’m my own inspiration. That’s not narcissistic, is it?
Near the end of that post, I raised a question about the (relative) levels of acting success enjoyed by the various members of the Saved by the Bell cast since the show ended, suggesting that this would be a fitting topic for Wikipedia.
But then I realized: Why should I let such a brilliant revelation escape into the Internet ether when we can create our own questionable online encyclopedia … right … here?
That’s right, I said “we.” And “our own questionable online encyclopedia.” Not to mention “here.”
Here’s the idea: From time to time, I’ll propose a topic via a post and an accompanying poll (or two) over there to the right. You’ll vote in the poll(s) and, if you’re so inclined, explain your reasoning in the comments section. Once it looks like people have stopped weighing in (which I realize may be frighteningly fast), I’ll pull together the group’s responses and turn them into a (cough) well-researched encyclopedia entry.
The result? D-O-ipedia.
Please try to contain yourselves. I know it’s hard, but really, we have work to do.
Polls are open. Vote early. Vote often. Vote your heart.

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