Word to the Potter

The dining room office has temporarily moved to its auxiliary location (aka our front porch) as I work on the next installment in the DO rap series. I don’t know how you could’ve forgotten our first foray into lyrical loquaciousness, but in case you have, I invite you to take a trip with me down memory lane.

This new joint, which should drop (man I’m street) either this weekend or on Monday, is meant in part to get you hyped for next week’s release of the new Harry Potter movie. I like to think of the song taking shape in my head as a sociological experiment, a Harry Potter goes to 8 Mile, if you will.

I fear I’ve said too much.

In the meantime, being out here on the front porch has left me to wonder why my next-door neighbors feel the need to have their sprinkler running right now. I get that it’s been unseasonably warm this week, but that lawn’s going to be under a foot of snow before they can say “Ted, your flowerbed offends us.”

Trust me, that’s fast.

Back to the lab, yo.

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