Holiday Housekeeping

With Turkey Day almost upon us, it’s time to do a little tidying up around the dining room office before everyone comes over.

It’s a metaphor. Just go with it.

First, that Saved by the Bell video is looking a little lonely over in D-O-ipedia, so it’s time to start working on entry number two.

The topic: What are the worst types of e-mail forwards to receive? Personally, my vote would go to the ones that claim if I forward it to 20 people, God will grant me three wishes.

He’s not a genie, people.

But that’s just my vote, and as we’ve discussed, D-O-ipedia is a democracy, so please write in your nominations via the comments section for this post (I’m foregoing the accompanying poll this time around). Your responses will then go into the proverbial oven (i.e., my finely tuned brain) to bake, emerging shortly thereafter a hilarious golden brown.

OK, even I’ll admit that just got weird.

Second, we’ve had some folks add their names to the “Followers” list over on the right since our last D.R.O.P. list induction. You may remember that at that ceremony, I said D.R.O.P. membership would be limited to 30 people.

Actually, you probably don’t. That was back in May. Yes, it really took me that long to get four more followers. Perhaps I overestimated the demand for a blog featuring fake political ads starring yours truly.

In any event, Kyle, Claudia, Cha-Man, and Ethan have been added to the D.R.O.P. roster, which is now finalized. If you didn’t make it, what can I say? You had nine months; you only have yourself to blame for missing out on all the perks. And when I figure out what those are, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Lastly, speaking of followers, I’m now 25 strong over on Twitter, where I assume my aspirational alter ego, @AuthorTedFox. If you’re interested in getting dumber 140 characters (or less) at a time, I’m your man.

Well, that should do it for now. Happy eating, everyone.


  1. Jill Stankewicz

    Worst forward? Answer these 8,000 stupid, irrelevant questions about yourself (you know, What is your favorite food? Do you like chocolate or vanilla?) and forward to all of your friends, including the person who sent it to you. Don't forget to answer who is least likely to respond and most likely to respond….

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