The Cranberry Wager

Picture it: Thanksgiving dinner, the plate of sliced cranberries-from-the-can making its way around the table, eventually coming to rest in front of me. I make some comment about how I could eat them every day because, hello, they’re delicious, to which my sister-in-law Susan responds “Prove it.”
And just like that, the cranberry wager is born.
The challenge? I have to eat a full, 14-ounce can of Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce in one sitting each day for a week, starting tomorrow (Monday, Nov. 29).
The terms? We haven’t really nailed those down yet, but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to take the best part of Thanksgiving and drag it out for another week. As for Susan, I’m guessing the potential of me begging for mercy at the hands of a non-perishable food item was more than enough incentive to shake on it, which we did here with my out-of-control gangsta chin raise in full effect:

Check back this week for updates. Also, feel free to offer suggestions about what we should be playing for–or, more to the point, what I should get when I win.

That kind of trash talk never backfires.


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