1. Michael Offutt

    There is so much truth in this card. Do you think that we live in a society that discourages us from speaking truth? I mean, I realize we cannot always express how we feel due to social faux pas and hurt feelings etc. However, I sometimes feel that we may be repressing things a little too much, ya know. For example, I work in assistive technology and volunteered to feed my co-worker who is a quadriplegic (no big deal…it doesn't bother me at all) but it obviously bothers some people. To my surprise, I got all of these cards from people saying that I was such a wonderful person for feeding Bryan his lunch. I thought to myself…really? Cards for giving a guy his lunch? I basically thought that the gestures came out of guilt because these people knew that if given the opportunity, they'd have said no because they find the act of feeding someone to be gross, etc. or they just aren't that kind of "giving" person.

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