Waving the White Flag to the Sad Trombone

Friends, I have been introduced to a website that I hope will change your life for the better as much as it has changed mine:


On the off chance that you were able to resist my salesmanship and did not just click that link, here’s a snapshot of what you missed:

Sure, it doesn’t look like much, but if you go to the site and click the big “play!” button, you’ll hear that unmistakable, descending “wha-wha-wha-whaaa” normally reserved for only the most ill-fated decisions in only the most campy comedies from like 30 years ago.

My attempt to recreate this sound via text really doesn’t do it justice; hearing is believing. And lest you think my profession of love for the sad trombone is insincere, you should know I have nominated it in the “Best Humor Blog” category over at the Blogger’s Choice Awards. I don’t really care if it’s not actually a blog or that I’m trying to win that category myself.

(A quick aside: Check out what me entering that contest has done to the Google results for “best humor blog”:

That’s right, the Dining Room Office tops the list. Here’s to keyword tagging gone ridiculously awry. I’ll be teaching a course on search engine optimization this summer.)

Sometimes even when it hurts, you just have to acknowledge the better man, and in this case, that man is a sad trombone. It delivers the laugh every time. I can’t claim that.

Think if you left http://www.sadtrombone.com/ open on your computer all day at work how many times you’d have occasion to hit “play!”

• You receive a phone call confirming someone has indeed noticed you parked illegally.
• You try to keep the fart that’s been building up quiet; you fail.
• You open an e-mail attachment about your Paypal account, even though you’ve never once used PayPal.
• Your boss tells you that your latest report “is impressive, provided you were drunk when you wrote it.”
• You think “I wasn’t that drunk.”

And the list goes on and on.

So thanks to my friend Josh (whom you can find on Twitter at @joshstowe) for letting me know about this site. I haven’t stopped laughing yet and don’t mind taking a backseat, for I am in the presence of greatness.

To paraphrase The Big Lebowski’s Walter Sobchak:

The website with a sad trombone, dude. Worthy friggin’ adversary.


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