Hump Day Inspirational: Oh the Drama


  1. RRager

    I'm-a be sick.But seriously, this could be a regular feature. You have an endless supply of great songs (not that you picked one) that sound ridiculous when read.

  2. Laura Campbell

    I bow my head in shame to think I probably enjoyed dancing around to this song. Crap. Total crap. I wonder what goes through their mind when they write such ground breaking lyrics. Clearly their fame is based on their music and not their lyrics. I'm sure it was a C-level song, but without the music it gets an F.

  3. Anonymous

    Please do more of these. Songs are truly exposed for what they are when the lyrics are read. This was definitely one of the really, really bad ones. Thanks for giving me a laugh. Oh, and, I like your hat.

  4. Chris

    Hilarious! Who knew that the Black Eyed Peas were such poetic geniuses! That is quite possibly the best song I have ever heard. I can't wait for the next reading!

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