You Know Who’s Awesome? Church Promoting Its Easter Service as “Winning!”

OK, this is just appalling.

Everyone knows Charlie Sheen embraces a polytheistic, goddess-centered theology. And what’s going to happen during communion? Body of Christ, blood of … tiger?

Next year, do your homework and go with something like:

NorthRidge + Easter = Free Lap Dances

It’s simple, it’s theologically sound, and I guarantee you’ll get people in the door—maybe even Rev. Sheen himself.

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  1. Matt

    Ah, they're trying to supplant Mr Sheen. Should work – religion is so much more compelling to the masses than drug/booze/porn-star fuelled public self destruction.

  2. ms. s.

    ted: saw your gla post + congrats. why is there zero way for readers to contact you? an author should always have a contact page, even if it's via a web form.

  3. Ted Fox

    Thanks, Ms. S. And that's a good suggestion; I guess I just never thought about people actually wanting to contact me. 🙂

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