Please Standby

If you've come here looking to be inspired by a video, I apologize.
This post, which I'm pecking out on my iPhone's on-screen keyboard, is
just about as far away from that as you can get. In fact, the janky
formatting that's sure to result from me submitting this via e-mail
will probably uninspire you, if that's possible.

Rest assured that I wouldn't go to such extreme measures unless it
were absolutely necessary; we had a big storm here yesterday, and our
Internet has been out ever since, so my phone's access to 3G is
currently my lone lifeline to the blog.

By the way, I'm giving AT&T the benefit of the doubt by saying that.
Our connection went out an hour after I called to upgrade our service,
and I'm not convinced our request to pay them more money wasn't the
real culprit. And if I have to tell one more person there no, I don't
have a phone number on the account, just a DSL account number, I'm
going to lose it. Apparently they're the only ones who haven't figured
out everyone is ditching land lines.

That's not that surprising.

Although this post is admittedly lacking in the inspiration category,
it is a somewhat sentimental endeavor, at least for me. Some of my
favorite posts in dining room office history were written this way.
I'm thinking in particular of those from Jenny's and my Vegas trip in
May '10 and my very first attempt to answer "You know who's awesome?"
last September.

Of course, I'm telling you WHEN I wrote these things rather than
linking to them because I'm writing this in a $&@?!$@ e-mail app and
not on a computer.

OK, not that sentimental.

And now, I feel like I've written a lot of words, which isn't really
true, but thumb-typing takes a lot out of you. Perhaps that's not
inspirational, but it IS an observation, and I like to think that's
something. Then again, I like to think a lot of things.

Like: "Why don't more people like Domino's? It's delicious."


  1. Chris

    Not bad for writing on your phone. You should see some of the articles I've written from my phone for my site. Nothing like trying to crank out a 400 word blurb on something that happened at practice on the iPhone. It never fails that I mess something up. (And I do miss reading the posts like this)

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