The Situation is My Co-Pilot

Something strange has been happening in the dining room office over the last month, and for once, I mean “strange” in a good way.

Trust me, I know shooting videos of myself sitting in front of a couch and staring is far from normal.

According to my crack research team, a post I wrote almost a year ago about The Situation and his cryptically titled book, Here’s the Situation, has suddenly been getting a lot of traffic.

I’m not saying I don’t understand why so many of you would want to read this; like most things here, it is, in the words of Kenny Bania, “Gold, Jerry, gold!” However, some 11 months after it was published, it has shot up to the second most-viewed post in the history of the dining room office, trailing only the one where I tried to bribe all of you to follow “You know who’s awesome?” on Twitter.

(Speaking of, I’m just six away from 200 followers. Will you be lucky number 200? I mean “lucky” in a non-compensated-but-good-deed-for-the-day sort of sense.)

Given that the “You know who’s awesome?” post was buoyed by a $50 Amazon gift card, I feel justified in proclaiming the The Situation post (not a typo, which is delightful) as my most popular of all-time. The only problem? I’m curious about this trend, and my crack research team isn’t all that cracked–which I suppose is a bad thing?–and thus isn’t giving me much insight into where these visitors are coming from.

Are you one of them? If so, I’d love to hear how you found me and officially welcome you into the community that is the dining room office.

And of course, get your thoughts on GTL, the bedrock of life itself.

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