A "Likely" Story

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he has to go out into the cold, cruel world and make it on his own, relying on nothing but his wits and his knowledge of Seinfeld reruns to survive.

I have reached that time, my friends, and feel that it’s only appropriate for me to let go of a crippling insecurity that has led me to plead, nay beg, you to:

on an alarmingly regular basis.

It seems so needy, in retrospect.
Rest assured, I’m not doing this just to get pity “Likes,” although the irony of this post being “Liked” a lot would be quite delicious. Then again, people “Liking” the post would completely mess up the structure of the sentence that incorporates the button.
Which will it be Ted, art or fame?
Where was I? Right—the button.
With this post, I simply wish to announce that going forward, I will no longer use the Facebook “Like” button here on the blog. I figure I already ask you to “Like” stuff on the Dining Room Office Facebook page, not to mention my own Facebook page. Three places seems to be a little much. Besides, who among us couldn’t use a little less Facebook in our lives? Writing “Like” in quotation marks is giving me a headache.
So farewell, “Like” button at the bottom of my blog posts. Our parting has everything to do with my maturing perspective and is completely unrelated to people avoiding you like an Arby’s.


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