You Know Who’s Awesome? People Who Seek Relationship Advice From Pop Radio DJs

“He’s always asking to borrow money from me, and I never know what he does with it. That seems, like, wrong. But maybe I’m just overreacting.”

“How much has he borrowed from you?”

“I don’t know, like $600.”

“And has he ever bought you anything with it?”

“No, not really.”

“See, I don’t like that there.”

“You don’t like … oh my gosh, you’re so right. Thanks, Crunk Juice.”

“I may be a DJ, but I’ve got a Ph.D. in making sense. Thanks for the call, Ccyndi. Love the two Cs, by the way. Coming up next, some song featuring Rihanna. Plus, ladies, I’ll have the 411 on how we’re hookin’ you up with a free boob job just in time for Valentine’s Day.”

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