Finding Bliss in the Kitchen

This blog hasn’t gotten to where it is today, with literally dozens of you anxiously anticipating my every post, by being a repository of what one would call “useful” information.

Except for that fake driving test. Who among us does not agree that was time well-spent? 
Today, however, I would like to pass along a tip that those of you who are culinarily inclined or just obsessed with Top Chef will find actually serves a purpose. (How weird was the Pee-wee Herman episode, by the way?)
Now if I were about to share a recipe with you, you’d be right to distrust it. Before Jenny came along and saved me, I subsisted primarily on whatever foodstuff I could cram into my George Foreman Grill. I think there was like a six-month period where I wasn’t so much eating meat as I was chowing down on loosely formed patties of grill residue.
That’s why I’m recommending you leave this blog and go check out my sister-in-law Susan’s at Susan is a trained pastry chef and the head baker at Au Bon Pain in Lake Forest, Ill. She just started her blog to share everything from recipes and her current food obsessions to some pretty kickass food photography that she does. All in all, it makes things like this pale in comparison:
OK, so that’s still mildly amusing, which is why I hope that despite my request that you temporarily depart from the dining room office, you come back again soon for all your less-than-essential information needs.
In the meantime, take a lap around Bliss in the Kitchen. You just might learn something, and as we’ve discussed, that’s one area where I’m afraid I’ll never be much help.

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