You Know Who’s Awesome? Dining Companion Assigning Her Gum Its Own Plate

No one’s saying that piece of Trident didn’t give you some good times; it did. I mean, there was the walk out the front door, the cab ride over, and who could forget the wait until the hostess called our name?

But even if you could go back, it just wouldn’t be the same. You need to cut your losses—which should be roughly seven cents—and get on with living.

That’s what four out of five dentists would tell you to do.

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, so true. A friend of mine once was upset that his "chew time" was only five minutes before our food was served, so he stuck the gum to the side of his glass to chew again after the meal. What was even more disgusting, every time the gum fell off the glass, he'd put it in his mouth to get it wet and stick it back on the glass. Crude.

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