The Name’s Disney—Walt Disney

As we close in on the official publication date for You Know Who’s Awesome?—there may be a link to buy it somewhere on this page—I wanted to treat you, my most loyal readers, to some of the greatest hits in dining room office/Ted Fox is awesome history.
You’re welcome. Really, no gifts are necessary.
OK, if you must. I usually wear a medium. Cash is good, too.
Dusting off these classics requires me to channel the spirit of the immortal Walt Disney, or more accurately, his successors at the Walt Disney Company, who in a roundabout way were my ultimate overlords during my six months of personal hell, otherwise known as being an ESPN production assistant trainee who was asked to, I don’t know, cut a Curt Schilling-themed Diamondbacks highlight in the top of the 2nd, but really, I’m not bitter.
See, like Disney, I’m going to open up the vault, as it were, over the course of the next month. The only difference? Instead of finding Cinderella or Pinocchio hiding in there, I’ll be uncovering little treasures like this:

Come to think of it, I guess there is one other difference. Unlike Disney, I won’t blackmail you by threatening to not make my best stuff available again for like another 50 years.

Gems like me sniffing a shoe just have to be shared.

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