The Bracket of Bad Back-Window Family Stickers, Semifinal 2

In a shocking development that reverberated throughout literally this entire website, the No. 4 seed, That’s a Lot of Mouse Ears, completely dismantled top-seeded Zombie Apocalypse in the first semifinal of the Bracket of Bad Back-Window Family Stickers.

This despite Zombie Apocalypse having the poop/toilet paper combo on the sidelines. That’s like a Red Auerbach-coached Celtics team losing to the kids from NBC’s Hang Time when Dick Butkus was in charge (the jury is still out on Reggie Theus).

But hey: That’s why they play the games.

So now we turn our attention to the second semifinal, which pits:

2. You’re Making Us Sad


3. I Still Don’t Believe Your Dad Got Laid

Like last time, you can vote for the winner–which here means the biggest loser–through the poll near the top left of this page. Also, if any of you care to speculate on what that little cart thing is on the right in the Star Wars landscape, I’m all ears.
You now have until Saturday at high noon EDT to decide what family you want to advance to the championship to face the buzzsaw that is the Disney army.


  1. Mike

    Using a Boba Fett sticker (rather than Han Solo) with Leia basically amounts to displaying erotic fan fiction on your window, right? Or did I just think about this too much?

  2. Ted Fox

    Thank you, Emily. I confess, I'm not enough of a Star Wars fan to have remembered the mouse droids. Now if this were a "Perfect Strangers" scene, I would've have been all over it.

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