One Shining Moment

The first Bracket of Bad Back-Window Family Stickers has come to a conclusion, and the championship was nothing short of a barn-burner.

After two blowouts in the semis, I Still Don’t Believe Your Dad Got Laid, the 3-seed, and That’s a Lot of Mouse Ears, the 4, went to overtime. The crew from team Disney jumped out to a lead, but, not to be denied, Boba Fett, Leia, and their confusing offspring rallied late, clinching a one-point “victory.”

That means, according to you, the readers of this blog (and really, you’re the only ones who count, anyway), this is the most egregious back-window family sticker this time around:

I say “this time around” because several of you were nice enough to send me other awful examples of these stickers (yes, that was redundant), so I may need to do a second, expanded tournament in the future. But in the meantime, please rise, and gentlemen, remove your caps, for the playing of this Star Wars family’s national anthem.

We so excited. I can only imagine how pumped they are.

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