Sh*t People From The Bend Say

While driving home from Chicago this morning, I started thinking about a video my sister-in-law Susan showed me a while back titled “Shit Chicagoans Say.” It was one of many takes on the “Shit X People Say” phenomenon, which this article from Mashable both describes and officially declares to be over some seven months ago.

Not one to be dissuaded by a little thing like a lack of relevance, I decided I would try to make a video for the city I’ve called home these last eight years, one that seems to be perpetually in Chicago’s shadow (except when it comes to being a test market for Panera, what up):

South Bend, Ind.

But rather than just come up with my own list of “Shit People From The Bend Say,” I want this to be a collaboration between me and my readers who either live or have lived here, including as students at Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s.

So, if you have a line (or lines) you think such a video couldn’t do without–say, “I’m still not sure about Daylight Savings”–please put it or them in the comments below. And obviously, by leaving a comment, you consent to me using your words how I see fit, including editing them.

That was my version of going to Legal Zoom.

Also, I can’t promise I’ll incorporate each suggestion; I just think the finished product, which I’ll post on YouTube and here on the blog, will be a lot more fun if I have some help from you, my fellow townies.

Speaking of the finished video, I’ve pasted “Shit Chicagoans Say” below for reference. I can almost guarantee “Shit People From The Bend Say” won’t be quite so ambitious, but then again, it probably shouldn’t be.

That’s just not how we roll.

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