A Red Sox Roadmap to the Playoffs: Elimination Edition

What’s going on here?

Beleaguered, the Slumpbuster seeks refuge in the washing machine.

Game 147 Result: L (Sox 0, Blue Jays 5)

Sox Record: 66-81; eliminated from playoff contention with 15 games to go

The Slumpbuster’s Final Record: 4-14

Final Shirt Funk Factor (1-10, with 1 being dryer fresh and 10 being bleacher seats in 95% relative humidity): 7.3

And so ends the great Slumpbuster experiment of 2012. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that the power of superstitions is inversely proportional to the degree to which your Major League club resembles its AAA roster.

I also like to think the Sox were looking out for me by ending this when they did. Given the timing of the game on Saturday, I had to wear the Slumpbuster while I was golfing, meaning it picked up a good deal of extra funk. There’s no telling what would’ve happened if this had dragged out another couple of weeks.

And there is a second silver lining in all this. (Can you have two silver linings? Let’s just assume you can.) My pal Janet Reid, a woman who is all things New York, told me she’d pay attention to my blog again when I, and I quote, “stopped writing about the [redacted] Red Sox.” Well, Janet, with this post, your wish has come true. For now.

Go Sox.


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