Mark It Zero, Dude

About a month ago, I asked a few friends to help me check item No. 30 (Join a bowling league) off my 33 Project list.

This is the result:

Out of Our Element

From left to right, that’s Josh, me, Tim, and Sean, a.k.a. Out of Our Element (Can you name that movie reference?). And through four weeks, our team average has more than lived up to that name.

However, last night, that just didn’t matter, for we finally encountered an opponent that could not intimidate us with their multiple 200s or post-strike somersaults. The final scorecard said it all:

vacant bowling

That’s right: We bowled vacant, taking on nobody but ourselves. And guess what? We wiped the floor with us.

Watch your back, Division D. Out of Our Element is coming.

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