“Internet Win of the Day” Leaderboard

Some of you may have noticed I’ve started awarding an “Internet Win of the Day” for a tweet, video, or other piece of online creativity I came across that day and thought was awesome for reals.

The plan is to do this sometime each evening Monday–Thursday, except, you know, when I don’t. (I have something different cooking for Fridays. You’re intrigued, aren’t you? Look, just nod. Thank you.)

It occurred to me that it could be fun to keep track of the most frequent Internet winners. Much like the ESPN show Around the Horn, where they keep a running tally of how many times each sportswriter has won the day’s debates, my count will serve no discernible purpose, other than to give someone out there bragging rights that some random guy who runs some random website thinks she or he is the queen or king of the Internet.

Yes, you can use that on a resume.

So, the scoring. My system is simple and, therefore, probably unfair. Each day, one point is up for grabs. If I found the Internet win on my own, without, say, the aid of a retweet from someone I follow, the creator of said win gets the whole point. If, on the other hand, I discovered it via something like a retweet, then the point gets split evenly between the creator and the propagator(s).

I reserve the right to be inconsistent in the application of these and any other standards I create regarding this process because, as I said, this whole thing is by and large meaningless.

One thing I haven’t decided: Do I publish an updated ranking with each day’s Internet win, or do I just do it once a week, like a pop culture AP poll? Let me know what you think via the comments below.

Anyway, here’s your first look at the rankings, which are admittedly something of a logjam given that I haven’t been doing this that long yet. The links will take you to the most recent Internet Win from each or, at this early stage, the one Internet win from each.

Internet Win of the Day Leaderboard (10/22/12)

1. @ISandusky – 1
1. @ThisWasTV – 1
1. @ChuckWendig – 1
4. @TheEllenShow – ½
4. @jazobair – ½
4. @crsbecker – ½
4. @Filmdrunk – ½
4. @vulture – ½
4. EricBert1001—YouTube – ½


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