Internet Win of the Day Top 10 (11/5/12)

1. @fuggirls (11/1/12) – 1
1. @amyguth (10/31/12) – 1
1. @JayRidler (10/30/12) – 1
1. @IrishElvis (10/29/12) – 1
1. @FakeLibStats (10/25/12) – 1
1. @markjakejohnson (10/23/12) – 1
1. @Molly Fremeau (10/22/12) – 1
1. @ISandusky (10/18/12) – 1
1. @ThisWasTV (10/5/12) – 1
1. @ChuckWendig (10/14/12) – 1

A Note on the Rankings: I award an “Internet Win of the Day” each evening Monday–Thursday, except, you know, when I don’t. This ranking of the most frequent winners—which is updated weekly and covers the Top 10 + ties—serves no discernible purpose, other than to give someone out there bragging rights that some random guy who runs some random website thinks she or he is the queen or king of the Internet.

Yes, you can use that on a resume.

So, the scoring. My system is simple and, therefore, probably unfair. Each day, one point is up for grabs. If I found the Internet win on my own, without, say, the aid of a retweet from someone I follow, the creator of said win gets the whole point. If, on the other hand, I discovered it via something like a retweet, then the point gets split evenly between the creator and the propagator(s).

I reserve the right to be inconsistent in the application of these and any other standards I create regarding this process because, as I said, this whole thing is by and large meaningless.

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