Internet Win of the Day: Nov. 21

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

This tweet was actually one in a series that Josh (@ObitoftheDay) sent out today using the hasthtag #BlackFridayLit; each was a clever takeoff of a classic or popular book title, re-imagined using some timely holiday shopping terminology.

Some others:

And, especially gratifying for someone attempting to read all of Mark Twain’s major works as part of the 33 Project:

There are even more on Josh’s Twitter feed, which, like his Tumblr, is typically devoted to all manner of interesting obituaries, from actors and historical figures to Twinkies and Smurfette.

He splits today’s Internet win point with Janet Reid (@Janet_Reid), who told me about what Josh was up to today. Now that I’m following him for myself, she will have to come up with new ways to score those precious 1/2 points in my competition with no purpose.

Happy turkey and happy shopping, everyone.

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