Internet Win of the Day: Daily Double Edition

Just two somethings I thought were awesome for reals …

In an Internet Win of the Day first, pop culture site Vulture was killing it so hard they actually won twice today—and in fairly rapid succession.

First came this tweet (you can find them at @vulture) that links to a story anyone who entered their teens in the ’90s will find highly informative:

And if you hadn’t already heard there’s going to be a Boy Meets World Sequel—with the original Cory and Topanga—you’re welcome. I do what I can here.

As if that weren’t enough, Vuture followed it up with this, quite possibly the only cat video I’ll ever post to this site:

Today marks Vulture’s second Internet win and its first outright, meaning the good folks there now have 1.5 points, which would currently be good for a tie for second when next week’s Top 10 is released.

I fully expect this will be covered in detail on their site tomorrow. And yes, I am available for interviews.

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