50 Words or Less(-ish) Fridays: Michelle Witte

This is a recurring feature here on the blog. Each week, I ask someone I know via the Internet and/or (imagine this) personally a question at least tangentially related to the subject of humor and request that she/he respond in 50 words or less.

Or somewhere in the ballpark of 50 words. That’s why there’s an “-ish.” I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this site isn’t exactly a bastion of rigidity.

My guest this week is Michelle Witte (@michellewitte on Twitter), a children’s literary agent with Mansion Street Literary Management. Previously she worked as an editor with nonfiction publisher Gibbs Smith and as a copyeditor with the Deseret Morning News in Salt Lake City. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s also a humor writer.

Michelle’s first book, The Craptastic Guide to Pseudo-Swearing, was published by Running Press earlier this year. Now she has a new book coming out in May, and that was the topic of our Chevy Chase Show-length conversation.

cover of "The Faker's Guide to the Classics" by Michelle WitteYou’re currently performing a great public service by writing The Faker’s Guide to the Classics: Everything You Need to Know About the Books You Should Have Read (But Didn’t). Is there one book in particular we were especially smart to skip?

Anything written by a Russian author? Oh, wait, that’s more than one book. But seriously, if you’re not interested in 1,000+ pages of depressing, angst-ridden drama, you should probably steer clear. Unless you’re into sado-masochism, in which case, I can’t help you. Perhaps some 50 Shades of Grey? I’m sure it’s less painful to read.

I always knew The Brothers Karamazov was bullshit. If only I had met Michelle back when I was a freshman in college and my honors program roommate was using it to look deep. But better late than never. Thanks, Michelle.

Next week’s guest … well, I’m pretty sure I know who it’s going to be, but just in case it changes, I’ll keep it to myself. How’s that for a tease?

Happy weekend, everyone.

Interested in being featured in “50 Words or Less(-ish) Fridays” or know someone who should be? Let me know.


  1. Elle Modesto

    I’ve read a boring classic or two for no other reason than to beat my friends at jeopardy. I read Michelle Witte’s first craptastic book, and I’m sooo looking forward to her next.

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