Internet Win of the Day: Seinfeld Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

OK, so here’s a dirty little Internet Win of the Day secret: You make a well-executed Seinfeld reference, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to take it home. I am, after all, the guy who, along with his best friend, took a week off from work a couple of months ago to watch the entire series straight through.

And this is a Seinfeld reference that would make J. Peterman beam with pride. Because yes, these are the $299 Yuketen Short Boots of which this drama-filled sentence spoke:

Yuketen Short Boots


A big thanks to both John Jannuzzi (@johnjannuzzi), an editor at Lucky Magazine, for spotting this gem and to the ladies of Go Fug Yourself (@fuggirls) for bringing John’s wit to my Twitter stream. They split today’s point between them, giving @fuggirls a little more breathing room at the top of my Internet Win Top 10 rankings.

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