Internet Win of the Day: Dec. 17

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

The above is actually part of a two-tweet “Internet Win of the Day” set with the following:

Both come from Dana Weiss, better known throughout the Twitter-verse as @Possessionista, and mark tonight’s final episode of my one-time TV obsession, Gossip Girl.

Now, while Gossip Girl and I officially broke up a couple of years ago, I still feel inclined to celebrate its swan song with an Internet Win that appropriately mocks its ridiculousness. I thank you, Dana, for giving me that opportunity. And bonus: That second tweet is a clever reference to the movie Mean Girls, something I will never break up with, no matter how hard Lindsay tries to push me away.

This is @Possessionista’s first Internet Win of the Day, and I have a sneaking suspicion today’s point won’t be her last.


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