Internet Win of the Day: Jan. 21

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

This tweet sums up an impressive undertaking by my good friend and Notre Dame freshman Michael McFadden (@MpMcFadden) to get his name trending on Twitter today just because. As we all know, this would make as much sense as approximately 95% of the things that do end up trending.

#ImSingleBecause? Call it a hunch, but I don’t think 140 characters will be enough.

While I never saw #MichaelMcFadden start trending nationwide, I did see an impressive number of people using said hashtag this afternoon and evening. For that, his moxy, his friendship, and he and his followers’ membership in the target demo for You Know Who’s Awesome?, I am pleased to award him the full point for today’s Internet Win.

Now let’s all go throw up a #MichaelMcFadden on Twitter so when it does start trending, we can say: Hey, we were a part of that—whatever that was.

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