Internet Win of the Day: Chappelle’s Show Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Chappelle's Show: A Battle for the Best Sketch Ever

What makes anything we love better? A 64-team NCAA basketball tournament-style bracket, of course.

This one from Rembert Browne (@rembert), a contributor to the website Grantland, seeks to determine the greatest Chappelle’s Show sketch of all-time; you can check it out by clicking the image or right about here.

Now, I love Chappelle’s Show, but it takes about two seconds to realize that Rembert has Jedi-level knowledge of it, so much so that he can take us on a prose journey through the entire bracket, including the championship. I haven’t even read the whole thing yet; not even close. I just know it’s late and I want to get this up because it truly is an achievement to behold.

And in an Internet Win of the Day first, I’m giving out two points today (this is my made-up competition, so I can do what I want): one point for Rembert for pulling this off, and 1/2 point each to his incredible illustrator, Larry Buchanan (@larrybuch), and SB Nation’s Robert Wheel (@BobbyBigWheel), one of my Twitter must-reads and through whom I discovered Rembert’s bit of genius.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to see if “Mad Real World” can make it out of the Buck Nasty Region.

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