Internet Win of the Day: Pop Culture Throwdown Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Hello. I’m Ted Fox, the proprietor of this website, and I’m coming to you in this Family Guy-inspired cutaway to introduce today’s Internet Win.

Now if you’re an avid follower of this ongoing competition with no discernible purpose (hey, it works for Around the Horn, sorta), you know that I typically present the winning item first followed by my expert commentary. Today, though, I feel the need to set it up, as what you’re about to witness truly is a Twitter conversation for the ages, carried on between one Superman TD Jesus (@GreatShaneND) and his Old Testament foil, First Down Moses (@FirstDownMoses).

These two literal works of art are the predominant features of the south and west sides, respectively, of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library. But more importantly, today they engaged in a pop culture showdown of … say it with me … biblical proportions. For that reason, they will split today’s Internet Win point evenly between them.

Before you get started, I offer these final two notes:

1) The tweet from The Subway Domer (@TheSubwayDomer) that started all this is about the Manti Te’o story, but  if you’re suffering from as much fatigue from that as I am, rest assured, the ensuing conversation has very little to nothing to do with it.

2) The formatting is a little janky because I couldn’t figure out how to embed individual tweets without including what they were a response to, meaning each one would have shown up twice. Also, although I can’t claim to have gotten every reference here (there are a LOT), I did highlight my favorite tweet from each.

3) I’d really like to think Jesus and Moses are doing something like this right now.

As you’ll see at the end, victory was conceded by one of the participants. However, I invite you to argue for or against that decision via the comments.

And now, without further adieu, I present to you: Superman TD Jesus vs. First Down Moses.

Round 1—FIGHT!

Round 1

First Down Moses/Superman TD Jesus Pop Culture Throwdown, Round 1

Round 2

First Down Moses/Superman TD Jesus Pop Culture Throwdown, Round 2

Round 3

First Down Moses/Superman TD Jesus Pop Culture Throwdown, Round 3

Round 4

First Down Moses/Superman TD Jesus Pop Culture Throwdown, Round 4

Round 5

First Down Moses/Superman TD Jesus Pop Culture Throwdown, Round 5


  1. Superman TD Jesus


    Thanks again for sharing this, I was quite proud. My dad…not so much. He was all, “You let fucking MOSES, the guy who’s burning bush friend was more fake than Manti’s bitch, BEAT YOU?!”

    His rage was calmed when I told him the opponent dropped the Sephiroth mention to close the duel. He agreed that as in all facets of reality, Sephiroth if fucking unbeatable.

    Ya boi Jeez

  2. First Down Moses

    I’ll admit, overall you had a much more solid repertoire than I did, especially when you came out smoking in Round One–Sephiroth bailed me out big-time. I was never really sure if we were trying to compare mythical creatures, conspiracy theories or VG characters, but we somehow managed to make all three flow together! Looking forward to a rematch, my friend.

    -FD Moses

    P.S.: Wasn’t my burning bush friend actually, um, your dad? I kinda based a whole religion on that fact…awkwarrrd.

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