Internet Win of the Day: Jan. 29

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

While most of my Internet Wins are meant to entertain you, I’ve selected this one simply because I think it’s a brilliant idea and want it to become reality.

The Nick Offerman/Amy Poehler book club was proposed this morning by Iris Blasi (, the marketing manager at Open Road Integrated Media, after she tweeted a link announcing Ms. Poehler is writing a memoir—arguably a win in and of itself.

Six of us who follow Iris immediately jumped on board and said we were in, to which she responded “This is happening.”

Now I’m not exactly sure what there is for us to read at this point, as it doesn’t look like the Poehler memoir is scheduled to come out until fall 2014, and a search for “Nick Offerman” on Amazon yields his Fine Woodstrip Canoe Building with Nick Offerman DVD because of course it does. He’s Ron Freakin’ Swanson.

But I don’t want this lack of reading material to discourage Iris from organizing us, and I hope receiving the point for today’s Internet Win helps inspire her to press on in the face of absolutely zero monetary reward.

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