Internet Win of the Day: Jan. 31

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

That song by the Clancy Brothers could win the Internet on its own, but today, it doesn’t have to.

Adam Cowden (@acow90) uses it to kick off his post over on Heave Media about the history of beer, which is the first installment in what is to be his weekly beer review series. Not only is it an interesting story, but in it, Adam describes How I Met Your Mother in a succinct way I’m still trying to decide if I agree with.

Beer? Pop culture? Thought-provoking? And I’m told he went to Notre Dame? Win, win, win, win.

Adam shares today’s point with his former classmate and my cousin Ryan Carey (@ryancarey0320), who told me about this via Facebook. That 1/2 point gives Ryan two total now, which will elevate him into a tie for second when the new Internet Win rankings are released on Monday.

I know it’s exciting, but try to get some sleep tonight, you two.


  1. kerbey

    Is that cover depicting a flowing river of beer? I did a post yesterday about Heino’s song, “Bier, Bier, Bier,” so I will now be forced to compare the two. Cheers.

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