Internet Win of the Day: Feb. 5

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

I apologize that I couldn’t embed this video; something with the NBC player not liking my site. However, it’s worth the click—either up there or right here—and the three-minute watch, as it’s a whole bunch of the folks involved in 30 Rock, which signed off last week, talking about why series creator, writer, and everything else Tina Fey is so wonderful. She is someone I really look up to both as a humorist and a writer, so I’m happy to have this tribute to her here (“here” being a relative term). Plus, as Iris’ tweet implies, you’ll get to see Tracy Morgan in a way you might not expect.

Speaking of Iris (@IrisBlasi), she’s the marketing manager at Open Road Media, and she gets the whole point for today’s win, meaning she now has two total and will move into a tie for second when the new rankings come out next week.

I suppose I could split it between her and the creator of the video, but if NBC is paying attention to my site, we need to talk about how Animal Practice made it to air before I give them anything.

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