Internet Win of the Day: Feb. 18

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

I didn’t even know peanut butter Twix existed before this tweet, and frankly, I’m not sure I can say it would surpass a Reese’s peanut butter tree in my book. However, it sounds divine.

More importantly, though, as my Internet Win Top 10 and Great Seinfeld Watch both prove, I love ranking things a little too much, so a power ranking of candy bars seems long overdue.

This is the second Internet Win for the man affectionately known as @BobbyBigWheel, SBNation contributor Robert Wheel. With the half point he picked up back on Jan. 22 for the epic Chappelle’s Show win, he now has 1.5 total, which should be good to move him into my Top 10 next week.

Now to find this peanut butter Twix and hate myself a little while watching The Bachelor.

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